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Should I Stay or Should I Go – some thoughts on the EU Referendum.

I would not normally write an entirely political blog, and I respect the right of every voter to form their own opinion. I have however become really disenchanted by receiving leaflets through my door which are full of untruths. Many

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10 Key Criteria for Attracting Investment

I was at a meeting recently where I was talking about how to make a company more investor ready. It became clear that it would be handy to produce a one page synopsis for my colleagues, and once I had

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Copyright law in LA – Are the lines blurred?

The BBC has reported the verdict of a court case in Los Angeles which resulted in damages of $7.3 million being awarded to the family of Marvin Gaye. The jury found that the song “Blurred Lines” by Pharrell Williams and

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Selecting an overseas supplier

Companies are increasingly looking overseas for new suppliers who can offer competitive pricing on raw materials, components and general business consumables.  When you take into account language barriers and different ways of doing business it is inevitable that things go

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Brazil 1 – Uruguay 0

No, we haven’t taken up predicting football scores for a living! We haven’t even watched a single World Cup match. However, this football related news story did catch our attention as it is relevant for every company that exports. The Uruguayan

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Exporting – does size matter?

This was originally posted in Expertexporter’s wordpress blog in February 2014 Contrary to the belief that mainly large organisations have the resources to manage the complexities of exporting, I would say size does not matter when it comes to exporting.

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