Export / Import Support

At Innovi Business Growth we are passionate about international trade but understand that it can appear complex and risky.  So why not take advantage of our knowledge and experience and let us work with you to successfully develop and grow your overseas business?

We have almost 30 years’ experience of trading internationally backed up by the Diploma in International Trade from the Institute of Export.  We understand what is needed to keep an export business running smoothly so that customers are delighted with the service they receive and place repeat orders.  We also know how easy it is to lose export business by not understanding and accommodating the specific requirements of international trade compliance.

Drawing on our knowledge and experience of international trade, we have designed a range of packages for companies that are new to exporting or are planning to expand their international activities.  We can also provide the services of an experienced export professional on a short-term or ad-hoc basis. Take a look at the wide range of services that we can offer and get in touch to see how we can help you achieve your international aspirations.

Outsourced Export Office

We understand that many businesses operate with a very small team but frequently need to consider a wide range of growth strategies including exporting. If you need additional resource for a particular project or are looking for an experienced pair of hands to provide holiday or maternity cover, we would be delighted to act as your Outsourced Export Office. We are well placed to provide companies with professional project support on a flexible and cost-effective basis, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to let us know your requirements and we will provide a tailored proposal of how we can help.

Export Contracts and Agreements

This package provides hands-on support in the areas of sales contracts, distributor agreements and export tenders. Whether you need someone to diligently work through an international sales contract to identify actions required for compliance, or a sharp eye to spot any terms and conditions that may be unacceptable to you, we can provide that resource.  We also appreciate that a request for a proposal from a potential new client can be daunting for companies with limited experience in tendering, so why not benefit from our experience and tap into our tried and tested methods for managing the tendering process.

Export Office Best Practice

When you are trading across borders, small errors can become big issues, so it is important that you follow best practice in your export activities.  We find that sometimes a small adjustment to working practices can make a big difference not only to how your customer perceives your organisation but also to your bottom line. We will look at how you manage customer or distributor enquiries, pricing proposals, sales orders and shipments with a particular focus on Incoterms® rules, export documentation and shipping. We will recommend and support the implementation of any changes required to get you on the right track, and provide staff training where appropriate.

Import Processes

Many British companies find that they need to purchase components for product manufacture from overseas in order to produce a competitively priced final product.  What they don’t often consider is the process and the cost associated with shipping the product from the overseas manufacturer to their premises in the UK. This can result in unexpected costs due to shipping rates, import duties, customs clearance charges or demurrage fees.  If you are new to importing, we can support you through each stage of the process from intial pricing discussions and preparing the purchase order, to arrival of the goods in a UK port and dealing with customs requirements. We are happy to work directly with your supplier on your behalf or are available to answer specific queries that might arise relating to the purchasing and importing process.

Export Training

We know how important it is for staff involved in international trade to understand exporting processes. After all, staff knowledge and skills impact on customer service, job satisfaction and, not least, your bottom line. That’s why we have designed a range of training modules which we can tailor to your business needs and the level of experience your staff have. Our approach to training ensures that your staff, your customers and your business derive maximum benefit in as short a timeframe as possible.