Tea – US style

This was originally posted 2012 under Expertexporter’s wordpress blog.

I always thought that tea was supplied as teabags or loose leaf.  However I was recently proven wrong when I bought a packet of what I thought were teabags in the USA  only to get back to our accommodation to discover I had in fact purchased ‘K-cups’ for a Keurig® Brewer.  Yes, I know, I should have read the label!

A quick internet search revealed that a Keurig® Brewer is similar to a percolator but can be used to brew a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate in under 60 seconds.  Helpful information but not much use when a quick search through the kitchen cupboards reveals that the accommodation is equipped with everything but a Keurig® Brewer and there is no hope of getting a cup of tea.

My little shopping mistake reminded me that it should never be assumed that purchasing habits are the same around the world, even for a product with such global appeal as tea.  Any company thinking of entering new markets will find that tastes and customs vary from country to country and products will often need to be modified to suit local market requirements if they are to be successful.

Fortunately I didn’t stay thirsty for too long. Down in the Deep South they do a delicious Sweet Tea, served chilled in a tall glass.



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